Virgo Horoscope

Mar 20, 2023… A strong pull to help a friend could have you looking to offer advice today. A caring shoulder can be so comforting — and it sure is nice to have one when needed. If someone you love is seeking advice or a trusted opinion, speak up. Your help could make all the difference, so offer it with loving patience. Counter any sadness with the light you have inside. It can warm your heart just knowing you were able to bring that little spark into a loved one’s life.

Today’s Soul Advice: One of the hardest things we have to do in life is learn to let go of that which is out of our control. At first, feeling like you have no control is incredibly dis-empowering. However, the realization that you alone get to control your reaction to and learn from the things in your life that are beyond your reach is undeniably freeing.


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