Pisces Horoscope

Mar 19, 2023… You can tap the well of creativity for a new solution to solve an old problem today. No matter what’s on your plate, there’s a solution — even if it isn’t obvious at first glance. Once you get those creative juices flowing, there are plenty of great ideas just waiting for you to act on them. Turn it upside down and shake it up. Check from a different angle. Your ideas can be absolutely brilliant. Changing up your perspective and trying new things is a good way to end the weekend with a bang.

Today’s Soul Advice: One of the hardest things we have to do in life is learn to let go of that which is out of our control. At first, feeling like you have no control is incredibly dis-empowering. However, the realization that you alone get to control your reaction to and learn from the things in your life that are beyond your reach is undeniably freeing.


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