Aquarius Horoscope

Mar 19, 2023… Anxious energy could pay a visit to you today. If your nerves are on high alert, it’s a good idea to avoid adding to it. If you feel like you’re already vibrating, skip that soda or third cup of coffee. Instead, spend your time working towards the things you really want. It’s a fantastic Sunday, so wash yesterday’s news from your hands and see if there are some great plans you can make to move forward. Each little step you take towards your dreams can change your outlook and turn that stress into success.

Today’s Soul Advice: One of the hardest things we have to do in life is learn to let go of that which is out of our control. At first, feeling like you have no control is incredibly dis-empowering. However, the realization that you alone get to control your reaction to and learn from the things in your life that are beyond your reach is undeniably freeing.


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