5 Tips for a Better Relationship with Social Media


(DailyTreasure.com) – These days, it seems as though nearly everyone is on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and offer users a way to connect with loved ones and old school friends and. feature ways to share interesting, insightful information with a large audience. However, social media can be overwhelming and even frustrating, and many users find it difficult to stay positive after being barraged with opinionated articles, links, and information all day. Here are four ways to form a better relationship with social media — methods that will help you establish healthy social media habits and re-establish your love of connecting with others online.

Set Limits for Daily Use

Feel drained or upset after interacting on social media? It might be time to set some daily limits for social media use. Resolve to set an actual daily time limit and stick to it as much as possible. Make sure it’s a goal that works with your lifestyle – for instance, if your job involves posting to social media, deciding to stay off social media for all but one hour per day might not be realistic.

It’s always a good idea to avoid social media at the start of your day and at the end of it. Instead of picking up your phone first thing in the morning and scrolling Facebook, take the time to enjoy a glass of water or to spend extra time on your usual morning self-care routine.

Unfollow or Restrict Negative People

There are likely a couple of people on your social media friends list who regularly share negative or triggering content online. Don’t be afraid to un-friend or unfollow the accounts that always seem to share negativity. According to Health, being surrounded, even in the social media space, by negative content and opinions can drag down even the most positive person.

Resolve to Be a Positive Influence

If you want to enjoy a more positive relationship with social media, resolve to make a difference in the content that you post and the way that you interact online. Make it a point to leave positive comments on your friends’ posts and hand out “likes” like confetti. Daily Mom recommends that you should apply the same values online as you do in your private life. Soon, the infectious energy of being positive online could extend to your private life and leave you feeling happier and more joyful in your off time.

Have a Clear Intention

If you are considering changing the way that you use social media in order to build a better relationship with sharing platforms, it might be helpful to set an intention for why you use social media. Here are some ideas that might be helpful in crafting your approach:

Connecting with Friends and Family

You might have friends and family who live on the opposite side of the world – or just a few states away. If you decide to use social media mainly to keep your connections with these far-away loved ones strong, you might have an easier time narrowing down the list of people you follow and the pages you receive notifications from.

Expanding Your Knowledge Base

Social media can be a great place to learn and grow. If you set an intention to use social media to primarily expand your intellectual horizons, you can resolve to follow those accounts with only great educational content, which in turn will help keep you away from triggering or toxic pages and groups.

Building a Business Audience

If you own a small business, social media can be a great place to promote it and get extra business. Keep in mind that your social media presence will reflect on your business, so be mindful about what accounts you interact with and what sort of comments you leave.

Social media can be a positive tool if used in a constructive way. These tips can help you craft a social media presence that gives you joy, day in and day out. If you want to learn more about daily lifestyle tips and healthy habits, check out Daily Treasure!

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